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Ife Olatunji


Is a practicing visual anthropologist specializing in observational cinema and longitudinal ethnographic fieldwork.


Ife has conducted comparative observational fieldwork in Brazil, Ghana, Dominican Republic, India, and most recently Nigeria. She works with women, girls, and children to examine complex social issues through short ethnographic films. She makes films that document the daily lives of people of color, especially women, using cinéma vérité.


Ife is known for creating a space where stories are told for the people, by the people. Her projects tend to include the themes of racism, gender, ethnicity, identity construction, and the impact of politics on everyday life.

Ife has worked for the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and taught at The Art Institute of Milwaukee, Columbia College Chicago, and Better Boys Foundation of Chicago. 


Ife continues her work as a photographer and documentary filmmaker working in LA. She continues to edit and produce documentaries for various private clients and organizations. 

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