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Anthropology in Context



Ife founded Collected Voices, Chicago's Ethnographic Film Festival in 2015 to help provide more screening opportunities to student, and minority filmmakers with a special focus on local filmmakers. Collected Voices now has a social media following and a catalog of more than 100 original films for screening. CV continues to expand and welcomes submission for 2019! 


Ife is a documentary photographer, filmmaker, and editor working more than 10 years at capturing women, men, and children worldwide. In 2014 Ife became a Kartemquin DVID Fellow. Ife has been production coordinator for PBS Web Series, Veterans Coming Home, Editor for Gwendolyn Brooks Documentary, Brooks People, and Assistant Editor for, Born in the Struggle. 


Freedom Lover Films is a social-cultural production company, started after Ife won best experimental documentary at the 2006 New York Film and Video Festival. Since then Ife has incorporated art and anthropology in various mediums including, writing, journalism, music videos, fiction films, teaching, exhibition, distribution, and mentorship for emerging ethnographers. 


Ife was introduced to Anthropology at a young age by a family friend. She knew she wanted to travel the world taking pictures by the end of high school. Ife received her BA in Anthropology and minor in African American History from Syracuse '06, and her MA in Visual Anthropology from the University of Manchester, UK in 2010.  Ife's focus is on observational and cinema veriti, longitudinal study through embedded fieldwork.       

About Ife Olatunji



Ife Olatunji is a practicing visual anthropologist

specializing in observational cinema and longitudinal ethnographic fieldwork.

As an Anthropologist, Ife has conducted comparative

observational fieldwork in Brazil, Ghana, Dominican Republic, India, and most recently Nigeria.


She works with women, girls and children to examine complex social issues,

such as employment, economics, politics, and access, through expressive and performative arts. 

Ife is currently a practicing ethnographic artist and filmmaker in Los Angeles, California.


Her next work, "Footing", takes us on a journey of

cultural discovery through familiar movements and images, in unfamiliar places and time.

Ife has independently distributed ethnographic films on various cultural issues through screenings,

and Q&A sessions with artists in Chicago, and LA as Collected Voices Film Fest, and worldwide for more than 5 years.


In 2018, Ife started South of Hollywood podcast

to discuss indie and mainstream film from the perspective of black women living in South Central, LA. 


Ife is available to curate, host, teach, or lecture on

Film History, Photography, Anthropology, Ethnography production,

Independent film, Documentary and more. Contact Ife to discus partnership or hire. 

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